A melting pot

Sophia Huynh, Zephyr Staff Editor in Chief

Clubs like Black Student Union (BSU) and Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (M.E.Ch.A) contribute to the wide diversity we have here on campus.

West is one of the most diverse campuses out of all the schools in the district. Not only does West offer many different educational opportunities for students to learn and be active, West also offers a campus rich in culture and diversity. West is a melting pot, where many students from all over the world come.

M.E.Ch.A was started on campus many years ago as part of the bilingual program, but when the original advisor was moved to Manteca, the students sought for another advisor to take over.

Mr. Gomez, Spanish 4 and 5 AP and Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1 teacher, was hesitant on becoming the new advisor, because he worried that he won’t have that much time to put in after school since he lives out of town. However, “I did it for my kids… I’ve been…in charge of the club [for] at least four years [now],” Gomez said.

The wide variety of clubs that exist on campus not only allow students to immerse themselves into their own culture to learn and get a sense of nationality but also allow students from all ethnic backgrounds to explore new cultures.

“[The clubs are] a great way to integrate kids into the culture that they are not familiar with,” Gomez said.

Another club on campus that contributes to the diversity of West is BSU.

“We’re trying to promote academic excellence in cultural development in [BSU]. We want to educate our club members [on black culture], and we want to discuss controversial topics…,” Senior and president of the club, Vin’necia Cottier, said.

Although the majority of members in BSU are black, everyone is welcome, and the same goes for the other clubs. Clubs are not limited to one race; they are opened to all people who want to open their eyes to a different world of language, food, lifestyle and culture.

“Each year we have an event called the International Feast, and it’s a combination of API, BSU and M.E.CH.A… We all get together and do dances, poems and just express our cultures’ food and decorations…,” Cottier said.

Other ethnic clubs such as Asian Pacific Islander (API) and East Asian Association (EAA) allow students to venture into the Asian culture.

Diversity is a part of West, and it’s something students get to be involved in by going to this school. Although some may not see it as important, others readily prepare themselves to open up to new and different cultures.