The Paws and Claws of West High


Template by Angeline Tan

Angeline Tan, Staff Reporter


From the moment I laid eyes on Bella, I knew I had made a friend of a lifetime. We grew up together learning how to balance our similarities and our differences, and she has been my companion through thick and thin even when I was at my lowest moments.  

Many of us tend to take our pets for granted, but with the quarantine locking us in our homes, the bonds between us and our furry companions has only strengthened over time. With this in mind, let’s showcase many of the pets and critters that have helped us survive this nightmare of a pandemic! 

Abby: “She’s a 13-year-old Corgi mix. Her favorite food is pizza, and she loves playing in the yard!” – Sophia Rodarte, Sophomore

Benny and Mazie: “Benny and Mazie raised the morale in my class. I feel like a teacher should be personable and have a connection with her students other than the subject they teach. Benny and Mazie have helped my students and I bond in many different ways.” – Sra. Carrasco, Teacher of AVID & Modern Languages 

Peaches: “America’s Next Top Model!” – Sandra Castanon, Senior

Creampuff: He’s stuck with me through some of my worst days, and he’s also been there for some of my brightest. He’s taught me so many things like how to nurture, how to love, how to truly care for something so important to me. – Ijaz Razib,Senior

Mona, Lucky, & Thor: They love to climb up on my loft bed leaving cat hair everywhere, so I must always keep a lint roller by my side. Mona is the mother of Lucky while Thor is the adopted brother. These cats love to look out the window and they love to scratch walls and destroy my blinds.” – Jada Portillo, Junior

Joonie“She has definitely helped me during quarantine since I tend to stay home alone most of the time. Since I’m the only one in my home that takes care of her, she gives me a reason to wake up and going [sic] everyday. She’s the love of my life and I wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world.” – Nataly Tafoya, Senior

Trixie: “We take walks, she is very good at hiding in the yard and hunting gophers, birds and chasing the cats.” – Marline Hepner, Floral Arts Teacher