Talking Sports and COVID with West’s Basketball Captain


Tuandinh Nguyen, Staff Reporter

The basketball captain who will graduate this school year recently left West High School with some advice for the new players through COVID. Isaiah Carroll has been the basketball player who led his team during his senior year. Below is what he had to say to the current and future basketball players, through him and me.

It strikes me that you’ve had so much to deal with in the past nine months. In addition to working through the coronavirus pandemic, like everyone else, you’ve had new coach take over and were without a sporting director until April, how do you feel when we come back? 

Yes, of course. And I am excitedIt’s been a new experience for me, and yes, it was happy to play again because this is my senior year. We’re working well together. We like each other. It’s going to be a fun group to work with. 

Let’s talk about your parents. How do they feel when you play sports through COVID? 

Unlike other parents who worry when their children play sports in the pandemic, my parents support me to play sports in the school. 

How can the school keep the sports players safe during practice? 

The school has asked the students to wear a mask when they present in the school to keep everybody safe. Moreover, the sports players have to sanitize their hands. 

What is the main challenge when you play basketball in the pandemic? 

It is harder to work with the new teammatesWith the students who are seniors and juniors, they have really progressed. They really work hard at trying to learn something new every day and improve on the skills that they have. 

Any advice for the current or future players? 

Be confidentDon’t be afraid to put yourself out there, wear mask and enjoy it — every single bit. Wwill get the vaccine, and everything is fine. To be a sport player takes many things: hard work, sacrifice, luck … It’s complicated, but I think you should fight for your dreams and fight to the end.