NLOG’s and Pick Me’s

Courtesy of Shreya Bengali

Courtesy of Shreya Bengali

Shreya Bengali, Staff Reporter

What are NLOG’s and Pick Me’s? I never heard of them until nowSo, let us start off with NLOG’sNLOG’s stands for “Not like other girls.” NLOG’s are a cultural phenomenon against feminine stereotypes like makeup, fashion, etc. “Some girls who don’t fit said archetype attempt to separate themselves from the female population, hence the phrase, ‘I am not like other girls,’” stated Lauren Luna, contributing writer of the article, I’m not like other girls.  They explain that “Modern feminism acknowledges that the ‘am not like other girls’ movement carries hints of internalized misogyny, when girls proudly claim that they ‘are not like other girls,'” it suggests that this “other” breed of girls is generally shallow and vapid with no other interests besides fashion, fitness or beauty.”

Pick Me‘s on the other hand, “is a person who begs for the attention, acceptance and approval of a certain group in different things they say. In most cases, it is to reach the attention, acceptance and approval of the opposite sex,” from the Urban Dictionary. “A Pick Me does not only do things to make a man happy, but she must put down other women in the process, stated Youtuber Tara Mooknee, creator of The Rise of the “Pick Me Girl” Meme. “In short, a Pick Me is a misogynist woman who puts down other women in order to seek male approval.”

NLOG’s are not the same as Pick Me’s. NLOG’s are not always motivated to attract men. Some NLOG’s feel like they do not fit in with other girls, and wish to fit in with other girls. Being an NLOG does not make you a victim. You cannot be a Pick Me without putting down other women. Pick Me’s focus on relationship standards and how men and women interact with each other. “The term pick me didn’t originate from the Internet it’s an example of African-American Vernacular English,” said Mooknee. 

I think all Pick Me’s are harmful to how women interact and see each other, and needs to be addressed. On the other hand, NLOG’s also need to be addressed for their harmful behavior but, I feel that they are easier to sympathize with for their want to be included with the “other girls.”