Biden’s First 100 days


Graphic Courtesy of Shreya Bengali

Shreya Bengali, Staff Reporter

remember when President Biden was elected. It was a life changing moment for a lot of people; it made people believe that he would make this country better, but other people disagree that it would just be the same as it was when Donald Trump was President. Biden made a lot of promises that would help people in the future. But some promises could not be made, such as increasing the Trump-Era refugee camps, which was a broken promise. Biden had created new laws and addressed serious topics that have been affecting most people in our world today. The first 100-days of Biden’s presidency, he planned to enact new polices and laws to change President Trump’s current plan.

According to reporter Elena Moore to the NPR, he planned to “start large economic and environmental initiatives, broad actions on racial justice, education, health care and immigration act.” Additionally, according to NPR, “His agenda centers on reversing or updating positions taken by the Trump administrationespecially on immigration and foreign policy and proposed more than a dozen initiatives to complete within 100 days (about 3 and a half months) of taking office.” These new promises can affect the way we live and affect people. It can affect immigrationCOVID-19, racial injustices, homelessness and communities.

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