Starting Up our Sports Season Once Again

Starting Up our Sports Season Once Again

Olayinka Bossa, Opinion Editor

When it comes to us students having a majority online schooling experience, the opportunity for meeting our peers and teachers was very slim. Though it was necessary in the name of protecting ourselves, it was a huge benefactor when it came to protecting our city. From wearing masks and not being on campus for almost an entire year, many activities such as sports and clubs have not been active or on the fence of action. So, while we were in our houses getting our education, it raisethe question for some of our West High students and staff: “What does this mean for our Sports?”

Many students have  a lot of reliability towards our sports. Whether if it’s for working towards a scholarship or for the purpose to heighten a college resume, it’s all towards a benefit. It gives the students an excellent source of being active when it comes to their health, opportunities to gain life skills such as leadership and other placements that would work towards making a person more motivated. So, when our year ended abruptly with confusion of what’s to come, it gave students just like me a sense of concern but happiness.  

For example, with me being a student who now juggles three sports, I was ecstatic to hear about the re-opening of the sports. Not only would this be a great way to see my friends again, but it gave me a chance to get active and devote myself into something other than my computer and the stack of assignments. My parents though, unsurprisingly, had their concerns when it came to my exposure to more people and the possibilities I would have when it came to being in contact with people. And I could understand, because my family has a lot of older members who we feared might catch the virus. In response to this fear, I referred to a West High parent to get her outlook of the re-opening of the schools and the involvement when it came to sports starting back up again. “At first, of course like any parent would, I thought that going back to sports during this time would not be the greatest opinion,” said West High parent, Raelan Daniels. “But my child was excited to go back into sports, and the coaches were prominent on discussing the precautions that they would take to make sure that the year would be safe and monitored, so I didn’t mind and let her go.” 

West High, with cautionwatched the tiers drop from purple to red, to make sure that the re-opening of the schools and its activities were safe. The COVID tolls were starting to decrease, but surely the campus re-opened and Hybrid learning had commenced with the following of the continuation of sports. For example, when it came to my Track Season, Coach TJ was very intent when it came to how we were social distancing and while we ran and exercised.  

Before we are to even enter the track, we were to sign-in with our coach. During this sign-in period, we were to tell him our names so that he could mark us down as present, then continue to ask us questions that were relevant to us possibly having or being exposed to someone who has COVID.  

We were asked a series of questions to be let inside. The answers would have to be no, but if they were yes, you would have to get tested immediately before you are to play or practice. And even for away games, it was a serious matter when it came to the rules that we had to follow. We were to be socially distant inside of the bus by taking every other seat, and only one person was allowed to sit in the wide two-person seat. It was also a rule to make sure that every other window was to be open while we were riding, and no food or drinks was to be opened on the bus. That was the routine when it came to going to practice and arriving to away games. From day one, the school and the individual coaches were serious when it came to respecting the rules that the school and city placed to protect everyone, and even now, with having one season of Track and a continuous season of Dance, I have been tested negative and still enjoy the activities that I go through. 

As for the reopening of the schools, it has raised a lot of eyebrows, but it also excited the community. With our latest West Vs. Tracy game,  many students, teacherand parents gathered (with some social distancing) to watch the game in excitement after having a whole year within the house. No matter if you play some sports, no sports, or any sports,  this step into re-opening  our school is an exciting experience.