Next Stop, Japan!

Merrill F. West High School plans to go to Japan this Summer Break!


Alexander Dwayne Feliciano, Staff Reporter

Japan is a unique country; its people, culture, language, history and lifestyles are what make this island nation so special. Many people are aware of Japan’s iconic features such as robots, clean cities, nice people and ANIME! It is everyone’s dream to venture into this country and explore, unfortunately the COVID pandemic and lockdown made this dream stay as a dream. However, the opportunity to go to Japan has finally returned!


In June 2022, students at Merrill F. West High School will be given the chance to travel to Japan as an educational tour trip! It will be a 1–2-week trip where we will visit and explore many of Japan’s major cities and Japan’s historical and controversial monuments. Students would also be given the opportunity to partake in several activities, such as exploring their surroundings or even trying out a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

“The Atomic Bomb Dome” shown on the left is a reminder of the devastating effects of nuclear weapons. The Wolf Pack will be visiting this monument as part of the trip.  By DXR – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Any student at Merrill F. West High School is qualified to sign up for the trip. However, the trip to Japan is not done by the school so that means there is a cost. According to world history and geography teacher Ms. Adkins, the fee can be somewhere around $49 to $99. Although the prices are high, the benefits are even higher, I asked Ms. Adkins about the benefits a student can get from going on this trip, she says:


“There are a lot of benefits, expanding your horizon-your ideas…they learn how to travel. They learn etiquette; They learn how money is exchanged. They learn how to pack. They learn that they can travel. They learn about the cultures on the places we go. They learn about the history without having to do any assignments.”

Osaka Castle, located in the city of Osaka, is one of the places the Wolf Pack will visit. By Mc681 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,


There is so much to learn from this single trip alone but the #1 thing you WILL make out of from this trip are memories. Ms. Adkins described it as:


“…any trip you go on like this, you create memories that no one will ever take away from you…”


Going on an international trip with your friends is the best memory you can add to your high school chapter in life, so, what are you waiting for? Sign up for the trip, explore Japan, and make great memories that will last a lifetime.


See Ms. Adkins in P7 or Mr. Anderson in H2 for more information about trip.