Eating Healthy

Bibi Diwa Darwish, News Editor

What does it mean to be healthy?  How do our daily eating habits affect our mental health? In order to have a healthy life, according to mental health and psychology, the human body needs to have six important habits to help them change their lives and have a good balance between their school activities, work and hobbies. Those habits include: good sleeping habits, a healthy diet, less screen time, exercise, practicing gratitude and experiencing new things in life. 

Having a healthy diet helps us to balance our mind, make good decisions in life and decrease stress. A healthy diet includes fruits and vegetables, whole grains, non-processed foods and lean proteins while limiting fried foods and in particular fast food and junk food.  To stay focused on homemade recipes and preparing your own food, here are some healthy snacks recipes that can help you avoid eating high calorie snacks. 

  • Yogurt bowl

A very popular breakfast snack that we see everywhere, it is an easy snack that can be made in different ways with different toppings and fruits. 

First add 4-to-5 spoons of low-fat yogurt to your bowl, then add some Granola, topped with some mixed strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. And finish it with adding some nuts. If you want you can simply add some fresh fruits like banana, kiwi and Seville sour orange into your yogurt bowl. This is an easy, simple and tasty breakfast to start your day. 

  • Salty Cucumber

This is a very easy anytime snack, I saw this on a YouTube video one time, try it and I think you will love it! 

First you need a Cucumber, slice it into medium circle pieces, then topped with some mixed Bagel seasonings and it is ready to be eaten. This is a very easy and tasty snack. Cucumber is full of hydration and vitamins, it is good for your skin and hair while helping you to lose weight. 

  • Vegetable salad

Vegetable salad is a simple easy high vitamin lunch snack, full of natural vitamins, low fat and calories. All you need is to mix your favorite veggies in a bowl, mix it with some sour cream and it is ready to eat. You can have this snack in anytime of the day. It gives to energy throughout the day, and you can enjoy it with your friends and family. 

The idea of eating healthily is to make you feel good about your body. It helps you to avoid having too much sugar and calories that are not good for your body, do you know that having too much sugar and unhealthy food makes you feel lazy throughout the day and making you to feel like doing nothing? Let us be healthy and have fun trying and making new home-made snack recipes.  

Now if you have some simple easy 5-minute snack recipes share with your family and friends to enjoy every moment of life. 


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