Appreciation Towards Our Underrated Sports

Appreciation Towards Our Underrated Sports

Maya Gill, Copy Editor

When you first enter a high school campus as a freshman, do you imagine what the future holds for you? Academic achievements, the more luxurious options at lunch or maybe even the many clubs that are offered! Many Hollywood films broadcast the ideology that attending high school football games are a right of passage, a night of excitement. Much spotlight and possibly funding seems to head towards the most popular athletics. However, let’s give some special attention to our fellow Wolf Pack athletes who deserve the same recognition.

Introducing Reese Dent, a junior representing the Girl’s Tennis Team.

When asked, “For Girls Tennis, how much time/dedication is expected of you regarding practices and games?”  

Dent said, “We practice every day, except some Fridays, and we’re usually expected to do ball tosses for serves and practice strokes. During our games, we try to move a little bit faster and ‘rally with a purpose’. When we warm up for games 1-4 singles play doubles, participate in rallies and work on our net game.” 

Following, “What’s something you wish people knew about your sport? This could be regarding skill, special requirements, etc.” 

Dent passionately expresses, “I wish people could know that we are a close team with little drama and the whole tennis experience is fun! It takes a lot of skill and perseverance but when you get the hang of it, it’s so fulfilling. Don’t underestimate the sport because it requires both mental and physical strength, so don’t go into it thinking it’s easy!” 

Overall, hand-eye coordination and intuitive problem solving are essential components of this beautiful game. Sunshine and competitive spirit all the way. 

Now, let’s dive right into an aquatic sport available at Merrill F. West High School!  

Natalie Urteaga, a junior representing the Water Polo teams.

When questioned, “As captain of the varsity team, what steps do you do to be a good leader to your fellow team?” 

Urteaga stated, “The motivation of my team succeeding is enough for me to keep going. If my team isn’t excelling because of my actions of not being a good role model, that will ultimately cause a downfall and that is the last thing I want.  With motivation, us girls can thrive as a whole.” 

When asked, “What’s something you wish people knew about your sport? Answers may vary!” 

Urteaga vocalized fiercely, “In my opinion, I believe we don’t get enough recognition because it often gets overlooked as another team when we deserve so much more. I believe our football team is very dedicated; however, as Wolf Pack, we need to come together and be together. It sucks to see people treat our pool and equipment so poorly when we have limited resources.” 

 Urteaga then goes on and explains how water polo requires a lot of focus because on one side you have your coach encouraging you loudly, referees whistling shots, people all in your face, while water is splashing throughout your ears/face!  

We love all our students and their athletic abilities, but today we honored their talent. 

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