At Home Movie vs Movie Theater


Aida Millar, Staff Reporter

Home movies were generally a staple of quarantine life, creating a movie theater in your own house became very doable when the movie theaters began releasing new movies for rent immediately for people who felt uncomfortable going to the movie theater. The snacks are essential all the same, but much less expensive than the movie theater. At the movie theater, to get popcorn, candy and soda the cost usually ends up being around $15 at least. By going to a local store, someone could get the same snacks, but for a much lower price. However, watching a movie at home means distractions. Most of the time there is someone else talking or something making noise which makes it distracting and hard to fully enjoy your movie.  However, at home there would be no COVID-19 restrictions, which means no mask requirements. Depending on the sensitivity of the viewer, masks can be very distracting and can lessen the experience.  


The movie theater is always a fun, easy activity to do. The experience of the movie theater can sometimes be reason enough to go. Many people believe the environment of just the quiet room is heaven on earth. The ticket prices vary depending on what time of day someone is planning to go. Usually, the later the viewing, the more expensive the ticket. Essentially, the most convenient time to go is the most expensive time as well. The theaters have adapted to COVID-19 standards which provides a sense of safety for the viewer. The seats are sold according to social distancing standards and masks are required and are only to be taken off when eating or drinking. The local movie theater updated the seating in all theaters a couple of years ago, so no matter if the viewer is sitting at the front or the back, their seats acclimate to where they are sitting. Another factor is the temperature. The movie theater is more or less known for being cold. Many people enjoy bringing fuzzy coats or blankets to make it cozier or more “like home.” To sum up, it depends on the person watching the movie, but going to the movie theater is a super fun and easy activity to do with your friends.  

photo credit: One Kindesign