Aiden McCullar, Staff Reporter

Pizza, arguably the greatest dish of all time, was first recorded during the late 10th century within Central and Southern Italy. Ever since its creation, billions of people have had the joy of experiencing the cheesy, delicious, amazing meal explode in flavorful combinations that dance on your tastebuds. People have turned pizza into many different creations, from pizza rolls to calzones, everyone has their favorite. This delicious pizza-inspired dishes have led West High students to create a dish of their own, the wonderful, Garlic butter calzones!

Ingredients and materials:

· One cooking tray

· One pot

· Minced garlic

· Shredded parmesan cheese

· Shredded mozzarella cheese

· Sliced mozzarella cheese

· Two sticks of butter

· Parsley

· Sliced mozzarella cheese

· Cheese sticks

· Pizza sauce

· Two canisters of Pillsbury’s pre done pizza dough

· Pepperoni

· All your favorite pizza toppings


Recipe steps:

1. Prep! Spray your cooking tray with nonstick cooking spray, set oven to 375°, allow to preheat.

2. Place your pot on your stove and turn it on, inside the pot place two sticks of butter, a good amount of mixed garlic, parsley and a small amount of parmesan. Take it off the stove when the butter in the mixture melts. (These do not require exact measurements, if you feel like you want more of one ingredient or less of another in this step, feel free to do so!)

3. Place one roll of the premade pizza dough on the baking tray, apply the garlic butter mixture atop, flip the dough over and apply to other side.

4. Place cheese sticks atop your dough, then pepperoni atop the cheese sticks.

5. Place the second premade pizza dough roll atop the cheese sticks, add the garlic butter glaze atop.

6. Add pepperoni sauce atop the dough, use a spoon to even out the sauce atop.

7. Add your sliced mozzarella cheese, then your shredded mozzarella cheese, along with any pizza toppings you would like

8. Place in the oven, wait 30 minutes or until cheese is thoroughly melted

9. Take out of oven, let cool, and enjoy

Pizza and its variations are arguably one the greatest dishes of all time. Pizza companies amassing over 145-billion-dollars in worth from sale of all their delicious meals, which supply all the world with amazing amounts of happiness. However far you go with this recipe…. is all up to you.