People Love Desserts!


Aiden McCullar, Staff Reporter

People love desserts. Some people enjoy sitting beside a campfire holding the stick that skewers the sweet gooey centerpiece to their campsite snack. Some people make it a hobby to whisk delicious ingredients into the chocolatey paste that’ll be baked into amazing, fudgy brownies. Others prefer the low effort approach, sitting on their couch with their family as the sound of movies flow from the tv, and the sound of cellophane from the casing holding their Oreos… But what if we were to say, there’s a way to experience the joy stuffed within all these delicious, sweet treats… allow me to introduce the greatest dessert you’ll ever eat, Smoreo-Brownies! These delicious treats combine the amazing fudgy brownie flavor, with that of Oreo cookies and delicious campfire smores. Follow this amazing recipe and experience the greatness of Smoreo-brownies yourself! Ingredients and materials:

· An oven pan

· Nonstick cooking spray

· A large mixing bowl

· Measuring cups

· Two boxes of store-bought brownies

· Two packs of Oreos/Oreo equivalent

· One bag of mini marshmallows

· One sleeve of graham crackers

· 5 eggs

· 1 cup of oil

· ½ cup of milk/water


How to bake!

1. Prep! First you should take your oven pan and spray it lightly with your nonstick cooking spray, preheat the oven to 350°.

2. Place one layer of Oreos along the bottom of the nonstick pan.

3. Put both boxes of brownies, along with eggs, oil and milk into the bowl, mix until smooth, then pour atop the pan of Oreos, place in oven when preheating ends

4. Wait 30 minutes for brownies to cook.

5. Place remaining Oreos and graham cracker sleeve into bowl. Mix and crush thoroughly.

6. Take brownies out at appropriate time, layer marshmallows and the graham cracker Oreo mixture atop.

7. Put brownies in oven for 5 more minutes

8. Remove brownies from oven, allow time to cool

9. Enjoy!


Everyone loves desserts, this greatly known fact has been used to bring many people together, campers with their smores, bakers with their delicious brownies, and all around everyone who loves sweet treats, and now you, yeah you, can create the one desert that satisfies all worlds, the delicious, Smoreo-brownie…!