First Homecoming Back

Dennise Guzman, Staff Reporter

After a year and a half, West High is back with its homecoming of the year! Students, teachers, clubs, and programs here at West were preparing for this week. Leadership and the rest of West High did a great job putting this week together for us! We had our homecoming theme as different board games for each class this year. The week was full of activities for students and teachers including spirit week, our parade in downtown Tracy that included the floats of all our classmen, night rallies, powderpuff game, homecoming game, and homecoming dance.

We started the week with an exciting powderpuff game! Maya Gill (Junior here at West high) had the opportunity to participate in our powderpuff game. Maya shared her experience by saying, “it felt like you were at a real NFL game.” She also added, “It added to the whole high school experience of being in High school that I missed out on, especially since in 9th grade I didn’t go to many events. It felt like a breathe of fresh air participating in events!” And it really did, everyone in the crowd and on the field were having lots of fun supporting our teams. The score was 16-8, where the seniors won against the juniors. Our wolf pack family came out to show lots of support including parents and teachers.

For our 2nd activity event of the week, we held a night rally at the west high stadium. We had plenty of our programs and clubs perform at the rally. Including powderpuff cheer team, our band, Bhangra, K-POP, M.E.Ch.A, API, Cheer team, and Dance team! At the night rally we also announced a homecoming court. Big congrats to the homecoming court including our crowned king and queen seniors, Ariba Arif and Daniel Grover.

West high did an amazing job showing off our school spirit at the annual parade downtown. Our parade floats were based on board games to match the theme. Freshman had a CLUE board game theme float, Sophomores had LIFE, Juniors chose Candy-Land, and Seniors worked on Monopoly. Drama club, JROTC, our cheer team, project smile, girls tennis, our band, M.E.Ch.A, and SEA had the chance to be part of our parade and did a great job repping West high.

Following the parade was our homecoming football game against Sonora.

To end off our homecoming week for West high, we held a homecoming dance! It was a great success with any of us students attending, dancing, eating, enjoying our time, and having fun! A big thanks to Leadership for putting such an amazing week for all of us to enjoy being back!