Kalila Shrive: Taking the Competition to the Ground


Ellie Chiles, Editor-in-Chief

“Kalila Shrive” is the name in everyone’s mouths, and for a good reason. The Junior grabbed everyone’s attention after she became California’s wrestling state champion on the weekend of February 26, 2022. As of right now, she is raising funds to compete in the national competition. Shrive’s arduous work was on full display that weekend, but who is the person behind the title?  

An interview with her shows that there are multiple people standing behind her as she shines. When asked who her biggest supporters are, she answers, “My coaches, Coach Bravo and Coach Corbett. I really appreciate them taking time out of their weekends or mornings to help train me and get better, as well as giving me talks in times where I need them.” Overall, having the right people helping you can make an enormous difference.  

Support is not the only thing that an athlete needs to become the best at their sports. The preparation and training required is very strenuous to the average person. Freshman Cesar Gutierrez, Kalila’s teammate, described what a wrestler needs to do to prepare for a match. “You have to be very conditioned,” he says “Great cardio, strength, and of course a good mentality. That means coming to practice and conditioning every day as preparation for your next match.”    

Her dedication to wrestling is unmatched. Gutierrez also had something to say about her work ethic, “She is always on time to practice, always ready to warm up. When drilling moves, she is always practicing them and trying to improve.”  

One of Shrive’s other teammates, Sophomore Remus Kubik talks about her personality, “She is so nice. She always pushes us to do our best,” he describes. “She always had extra food at tournaments and is extremely supportive,”  

February 26, 2022, was a legendary day for Kalila. She describes the experience of gaining her title as: “Relief and joy,” she states. “It showed that all the time I put into it really paid off and was worth it in the end. The morning runs, gym visits at night, practice after school and sometimes on weekends. It was like, “I could do it. I did it!””.  Shrive and her teammates celebrated with a 12:00 AM trip to Wendy’s before driving back home.  

Other members of the wrestling team had their own share of pride. “I felt really happy for her.” Freshman Caleb Cosme says “I remember hearing the words, “Shrive wins it!” being yelled by the broadcaster. I jumped up out of excitement, getting a weird side-eye from my grandma. She obviously went in and expected to win it.”  

Not only did she expect to win, but she also made it happen. She earned the All-American status when she won the  national tournament.   She pushed through any obstacles in her way and proved deserving of her title. Kalila Shrive is not just America’s wrestling champion, but she is a symbol of hard work and dedication for us all.