Library Beams with Life


Jessica Navarro, Staff Reporter

Over the course of years, our beloved library has rapidly become a popular hang-out spot among students. Its harmonious and soothing ambiance makes it easy to do your homework, read, chat with your friends, interact with fellow students around you, or simply relax while basking in the comfortable atmosphere. The staff also supplies countless resources to help students strive toward a good education to ensure kids a good future. Ms. Cathy Pope, one of the reliable librarians, shares her thoughts about the library and what it has to offer. 

“We have countless resources,” Pope says. “We have (community) activities for students such as board games and puzzles; computers and textbooks that students can use for reports and projects; up-to-date books and manga that students can read; and staff that help students with their homework.” Students use these tools to their full advantage when they’re in the library. Every day, there are various students utilizing the resources granted to complete their work or to cure their boredom.  

However, there are a few students who choose to relax. Some students, such as senior Jai Manzano and senior Armando Edades Jr., choose to just wind down after completing their first three classes. When asked if there was a significant reason they visited the library at lunch, Manzano replies, “When you’re in the library, you can get your own personal space.” 

 Edades Jr. chimes in by adding, “I like to sit down, relax, and enjoy the air conditioning that the library has.”  

If our library just had books, it would just be a regular library like any other. Yet, West High’s library doesn’t have only books. It isn’t just a place filled with books – it’s a community. It’s not uncommon to see students collaborating and helping each other.  “To me, the library is so special because of the people,” Junior Reitchelle Balderas says. “I’ve been coming to the library since last year. Along the way, I’ve met so many kind people who helped and assisted me with my work.”  

All these factors pour into what makes the library so special. It’s no wonder why the library gains a new student each day. With a peaceful environment like our library, it’s simple to be in your element.  

“Our library is a safe place students can come to,” Pope says. “I’ve been to libraries like Tracy High School and Kimball High School, but by far this is the best library I’ve been to.”