New Courses at West


Jose Lemus, Staff Reporter

With the new school year starting here at West, new opportunities and classes arise. What are some of these classes you ask? Let’s get into them.

The new Advanced Piano class brings the challenge of furthering your skills by playing more complex songs, learning more about the history of music and increasing performance skills. In an interview with the course’s teacher Mr. Jamero, he explains more details about the classes and benefits of it.

When asked, “What are some of the goals of this course?” Jamero responded, “In general, my goal of this course is for the students to continue to progress in their piano playing skills, but also learning more about complex music theory techniques and apply those practices to their playing skills.”

When questioned further, “Why do you think students from regular piano should take this class next year?” Jamero stated, “For a number of reasons! Colleges look for progression from going one class to another, so if you continue Piano to Advance Piano it shows more then a grade, it shows commitment and willingness to take on challenges.”

If you want to take on a more hands on learning experience then I would recommend trying out the new Ag Foods Class where you go to the school farm and grow plants! We dive deeper into asking Lily Banchero and Dominic Osburn about their insight about the class.

“Well I was told that we would be growing food and that was something I was looking forward to learning about.”, Lily responded. “We have started the process of taking care of plants such as sage and succulents and watering them every day.”

“We actually also planted four trees of different kinds of fruit, in hope that one day they will produce.”, Dominic stated. “Students 100% should expect that this isn’t your typical class. There may be days where you are tired and lazy, but nonetheless still go outside and put work in.”

To wrap it up, Lily expressed how within the class you “learn the safety of knives and different ways to cut vegetables, with that we also made BLT’s in class and they were very good.”

These are just prime examples for West High’s forever expanding curriculums.