Should Seniors Date Freshman?


Vincent Cano, Staff Reporter

Should Seniors be allowed to date freshmen students? It’s not a question that was brought up recently. For decades people have been wondering if a senior dating a freshman should be allowed, many people are split.

On one hand, many people believe that a senior is too old to engage in a relationship with a freshman. And on the other hand, they say that since they’re both in high school and are both willing to pursue a relationship that it is reasonable.

The first argument I came across when interviewing freshmen students was the age gap. Most freshmen entering high school are between fourteen and fifteen, whilst most students that are seniors are between seventeen and eighteen. The argument is that people who are or are soon to become legal adults should not be allowed to have an active relationship with students who have recently become adolescents.

A counter argument I’ve heard often to this is that the gap in age only matters around high school. In most relationships after school, a three to four year age gap is common and not frowned upon. In other cases, age gaps of upwards of 10 years are still accepted by society. They say if gaps like those are ignored by society, then why should a smaller gap matter now?

Another argument arose when interviewing seniors, they said that freshmen students that are actively seeking out relationships with older students and are responsible enough to decide for themselves if it is a good or bad decision. Students in high school are supposed to be independent and make choices for themselves which includes who they date. If a freshmen student isn’t forced into a relationship and honestly believes they should be with this person, then we should pay no attention.

At the same time freshmen students aren’t the most responsible humans yet and often make poor decisions. In the early years of high school most students still need a hand to guide them and help show right from wrong. Senior students could easily take advantage of impressionable students and manipulate them into being with them. Freshmen students are quick to be in a relationship and don’t think too far ahead.

The final argument was brought up by adults and parents and it was “What happens after a year?”. The argument states that sure both parties are in high school now but what happens after the year ends? The seniors will graduate and leave high school leaving the now sophomore student alone. The senior would have to leave to focus on school and work. A relationship like this could have a toxic power gap.

If one student has a jumpstart on working, then they would easily be able to hold that over their partner’s head because freshmen students aren’t allowed to work. They could also develop a sense of dependency on the older partner. Examples of relationships like this aren’t too scarce and happen very often. Looking at most relationships with celebrities and their not so famous partners, you can see a strong power imbalance.

When approached with this argument, most seniors did not have a counter argument. The only defense the seniors had to the argument was that power gaps aren’t always a result of age. The seniors also said that toxic relationships aren’t always guaranteed to happen. Those are the results of insecurities and toxic people who aren’t fit to be in relationships.

Whether seniors should or shouldn’t be allowed to date freshmen is all up to your personal opinion. After interviewing multiple groups of people, it seems as if it is widely looked down upon and can make many people uncomfortable while the minority believe that it’s perfectly fine and the people who focus too hard on it are making it a bigger deal than it needs to be. I just hope the opinions and points of view mentioned in this article can give you more to think about.