Introducing New Football Committee


Logan Scheidtmann, Staff Reporter

West High has a new football committee that has been hired over the summer. 

 First, we got William Edwards who has come very far away from Washington High, in Fremont, where he led the Huskies to prior success. Now how did W. Edwards really know about this school in this small town? Well, he said that he lives in a big community, and he heard people talking about this school so he decided to apply for a job; he got the job. Well, we asked him why West? He said that he “likes to coach/teach football programs that just need some help.” 

 I had some questions for the new athletic director, Stuart Hashimoto. 

When asked how you feel about the years to come, Hashimoto replied, “Edwards will he be here for a while. He is here for the long run” 

When questioned his opinions on how Edwards will lead this program in the right way, he responded, “Yes I have a lot of faith and confidence in W. Edwards that he will lead this program in the right way.” 

 I asked one kid who plays football how do you feel about the new Coach W. Edwards “This new coach is an overall good coach. He picked up what all the other coaches did not have and that is dedication not to just the sport but also the kids.” 

Edwards says, “This sport will ask you for many things, but as you progress and get better at it it’s going to keep asking for more.”