Boosting West’s Rep


Kibree Hathorn, Staff Reporter

West High is usually viewed in a negative way with the image of being the bad school in the Tracy area. But why do people view us as a school that can’t perform equally as well as other schools? One thing that sets us apart from other schools is that we have a lot of diversity. Ms. Lee, West High’s principal, believes this school has a lot of diversity, people from different backgrounds. According to EU Business School “Having diverse leadership can also help ensure that students get an encompassing view of a topic. The role of a teacher from different backgrounds, with different life experiences, especially those pertaining to her field of study, is to share with students who can critically assess her. More than just this, teachers are often regarded as role models. Seeing someone of the same ethnicity or gender in a high-powered position or one you respect, can be the inspiration needed to achieve similar goals.”

So what does this provide for West? When all these cultures are shared in one area it enhances creativity. The interconnectedness broadens communication while ideas and values are being shared. Not being exposed to diversity can create problems. Things such as discriminations, biased thoughts, sexism or being prejudiced.

Here at West, there is a culture that some schools may not have, and it is important to add on to that by exposing people to new things via clubs and other means for students to have an outlet. Other schools may like to look down on West because we may not be the most publicly recognized school or have the best sports teams. But West has worked to improve that, by bringing in new coaches for the basketball, volleyball and football teams. We may not always win, but when we do we take pride in ourselves that we have reached an achievement here.

Everyone here has an equal opportunity for education. West High tries its best to make it that way; it’s really up to the students will to make a decision. West High as a school is underrated; you have to make something out of it. Whether that be involving yourself in extra curricular activities, sports, clubs and many other things. You can’t expect someone to make a view for you. So if you want to improve your experience here, be involved and expose yourself.