Inside a Student Entrepreneur’s Life

Inside a Student Entrepreneurs Life

Dayanara Vasquez Ferreyra, Staff Reporter

One of the school’s most well-known and largely liked entrepreneurs is our very own Charlotte Gavero. Seeing her walk around with bags of cookies every Monday always led me to ask the same question; how does she do it? In this article, I answer just that, and explore many more things, like what motivates her, along with why she even started baking in the first place!

If you’ve ever bought from Charlotte, you know nothing tops her cookies. I myself have a job, and similar to Charlotte’s, I work weekends. Every time I’ve seen her I truly have been astounded by her drive and can’t help but think “How does she manage to do so much in such little time?”.

To see her progress, it’s best to start in the very beginning. Charlotte has been baking since she was only three years old, which is why her cookies are so good. Her baking journey started at a young age, and her passion for it only grew since then. At her younger ages, around three to ten, Charlotte used boxed cake recipes, and upgraded to experimenting on her own and researching recipes online after receiving a Kitchen Aid from her parents, who have of course been supporting her business since it first started, and her baking hobby as well.,

Charlotte’s business has been going on for about a year or so, maybe a little shorter than that. As you all know, Charlotte’s cookies were handed out on our first day of school, so it’s apparent that she’s grown quite a bit. For the first day, Charlotte baked approximately 1,200 cookies. With so many school orders to fulfill throughout the entire year, and not only those, but catering to family and family friends, while having to do homework for classes, it’s clear to us Charlotte is a very busy woman.

I asked Charlotte how she managed to stay on top of it and motivated to do so much, to which she responded with “Balancing school and my business is still like, pretty hard. Even now, I’ll finish baking at like 12am and I’ll be up doing homework ‘till like.. 3am.”

She doesn’t have it all figured it out yet, but at the end of the day she’s a kid just like every one of us. Despite still struggling to balance all, evident progress has been made since her business was first established. One of the things that’s helped Charlotte was the increase of cookies each batch makes, which allows her to finish somewhat faster. Towards the beginning, she baked around six cookies out of fear they’d puff out and melt together, but now, she bakes around twenty-four a time after not only getting more experience but getting more supplies for her growing business.

Charlotte is an amazing and hardworking person, who truly deserves all of our support and the love she’s getting. Some people who make Charlotte feel the most supported are her family, family friends, significant other Eli, Emiliano (Nano), and close friend McKye along with his sister, who are frequent customers of hers. Whether or not you like her cookies, you can most definitely admit that she’s very hardworking as she is. Her reasoning behind baking and starting her business is amazing. Charlotte is a warm comforting person, and many people hope the best for her and her booming business.