How does Vaping affect the student body as a whole?

How does Vaping affect the student body as a whole?

Corion Ross, Staff Reporter

It is known that the vaping product has gotten extremely popular over the years worldwide because it is a new way of smoking that it is supposed to be healthier than cigarettes, but now vaping is popular in schools all over the United States. Teenagers who are struggling with vaping problems should not be punished. 

Punishing them only will make things worse instead of trying to better them or help them with their vaping addiction. Other might disagree that vaping helps them with their problems, that they are dealing with either outside of school or at home. Because everyone goes through problems everyday in the world, even the most perfect or richest person has problems, no one is perfect.  

Vaping is bad for teenagers because we are still developing everyday as we grow older. I have read studies that have said vaping at a youthful age can cause serious lung cancer and can stunt your growth. I found these studies on a website called “How Does Vaping Affect Teens.” Here is the website listed.

Most teenagers who vape do say, they vape to help them with their stress and anxiety. But, doctors have said that vaping makes your stress and anxiety worse because of how addicting it is. Vaping is preventing the students at West High from achieving their true potential of learning in the classroom because they are not focused on learning. Here is the website listed about how vaping only makes your stress and anxiety worse.


I am not saying that they do not care about learning, but vaping can impact your focus because all you are thinking about is using your vape pen. Educators are on the epidemic’s front line, interacting with youth daily. According to a website called “how-youth-vaping-epidemic”, more than a quarter (27.5%) of high school students were reported vaping at least once in the last month, and 1 million report vaping daily, according to 2019 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data.

Altogether, more than 5 million youth now vape in the U.S. I cannot control everyone’s decisions or choices, but I feel that the students of West High School should try to stop vaping as much as possible at least not in school. If they are going to do it, I want them to stop in general because it heavily damages/impacts our lungs due to us still developing and maturing.  

In one of my interviews I asked an anonymous  student why do they vape? The student responded with they vape because they like the taste, it’s healthier than cigarettes, and because of the stress and anxiety that they deal with because they are not good at school. I did not condone this statement nor speak on it because I asked why do they do it? But, I believe if they are going through some stress and depression they should talk to a professional therapist or psychologist at school to help them with their problems. 


In conclusion, the vaping problem at West High is a noticeably big problem. Also, the students who are struggling with their vaping addictions due to their own personal problems should be helped and worked with. Instead of trying to shame them or making them feel bad for vaping which is causing them to do it more I feel. A solution for the teenagers who do vape would to be do things that make them feel good or happy. Like for example hanging out with friends or family, if they do enjoy that or whatever makes them feel happy. To help prevent them from thinking about picking up a vape pen every time they are not happy. They should do positive things or at least try to if they cannot everyday.