Why are Teens Maturing too Fast?


Alexa Cabrera, Staff Reporter

Why are teens maturing too fast? How is it affecting teens? I think it’s because the rise of social media and influencers are setting the standard for teens everywhere. TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and online social media are making children mature much faster than other generations. I have talked to some sources to say what do they think about Internet pressure to mature/ grow up too fast.

I talked to Nancy Jones from UC Davis and what does she thinks.

“I feel like this has to do with social media and the expectations from how teens should be and act nowadays.” I asked Nancy what she does about social media and how is it affecting kids to mature.

“Yes, because of the influence of others, such as how this generation dresses and acts. They are influenced by and expected to be more mature at their age because they are setting a bad example for the younger kids,” Jones said.

I have asked students J.P and Jarvis Meryman from the University of Portland about their opinions on children growing up too fast. I have asked them a few questions, and this is what they have to say.

J.P Meryman said, ‘I think the issue could be tribute to the fact that being on the internet allows us more to be well-informed of certain situations going on, while that can be a general good for most scenarios, is causing a lot of kids nowadays have to mature in order to understand and properly take in account to those situations.”

Jarvis added saying “Instagram, Tumbler, Twitter, etc. You are absorbing a lot of news and information from different points of view; we are aware of our surrounding giving more mature thought process.”

Jarvis also said that “I also feel like the media brings insecurities, stuff like that can mature someone in a way of ‘I know everything about myself because the internet has told me, for why I should be looking in for myself.”

J.P argued, “The internet is the last place to resort to wondering about yourself. Sometimes, that is the source we have; it can lead to misinformation you need.”

J.P. said, “It is a factor and it’s a heavy factor especially seeing how many kids are on social media, how many things they are seeing. ” It’s rather on the kid alone that is consuming all this media and patted down. But then also you can view as an, some of the mental health, you can see what other people seems as ‘the perfect person’ because they are non- existent.”

Are teens growing too fast due to social media? Yes, social media is making teens mature because of the unlimited sources that we have and how many people are influenced. I think it’s because of the rise of influencers that is causing a lot of teenagers to mature. Also, the rise of TikTok has influenced people and the beauty standard as well.