Manesesa Lumas Aces her way to TCAL First Team


Maya Gill, Copy Editor

There is no doubt that being a student athlete comes with its challenges, long practices and still maintaining your coursework over the year no matter the rigor. Yet, many of Wolf Pack athletes earned the good reputation of what it truly means to be both academically successful while being dedicated to their sport.

Our county is within the CIF-SJS TCAL League with member schools of Lincoln, Lodi, St. Mary’s Tokay and Tracy in greater Stockton region of Northern California.

Coach Sundquist, Varsity Girls and Boys Volleyball, gives further insight on the selection process for how a student earns first or second team, “So we [the coaches of a particular sport] have a meeting at the end of playoff and start with MVP selection for league and move into first team. When it came time to nominate Manesesa Lumas, I did based solely on stats.”

Lumas indeed blew coaches away by having a “5-0 vote from every coach who picked her to be on it, except myself because you cannot vote for your own player,” said Sundquist.

The Girls Volleyball exceeded Coach Sundquist and Coach Gigi’s (assistant Varsity and head JV coach), expectations by being the first team in five years to make playoffs. With tough love, determination and overall training of technique behind the scenes, Lumas definitely had impact on the program this year as captain, coming into her senior year with ten years of experience.

“As captain, I had to lead my team by example. Throughout the season, I always kept a positive attitude in all situations because it wouldn’t be any good to be a person someone turns to for support and responded negatively,” Lumas explains.

She continues by explaining the qualities of a leader and how it didn’t mean to “just take charge but by listening, being patient and creating a healthy environment for our players and coaches to feel safe, welcomed and most importantly have fun.”

Senior Evelyn Orozco went into Girls Volleyball earning her position as right side on Varsity with having little to no experience. Being a new player, Orozco shares how Lumas eased her way into it. “She did very well keeping an equal balance of captain and friend, on or off the court. By not sugarcoating anything, the team responded well by knowing what needs to be done and then executing it. Nonetheless, Sesa’s dedication is how she earned captain.”

Lumas plans to continue her volleyball career at the collegiate level and major in Nursing to become an RN.

“The best thing about volleyball is that it all pays off, no matter how difficult the obstacles may seem, and most importantly making my family proud.”