Why not to go College?


Sorosh Jamshidy, Videographer

Education such as college, trade schools and apprenticeships are not for everyone and are not feasible for everyone. Yes, college does help with getting a job, but there are many downsides to going to college as well. Cost, time management and being able to focus on other interests make it very difficult.  

In California, many families rely on the young ones to grow up and work double shifts as soon as they are eighteen years old. These young adults don’t have the opportunity to go to college. On the other hand, some adults choose not to pursue college after high school. 

 An anonymous source stated, “I have been paying my debt for college for five years straight and I still have around twelve thousand dollars left”, To compare, a lot of cars financed are for five-year contracts, and they get paid ninety percent of the time.  This is an outrageous amount of money and that loan to pay college has an insane amount of interest piled on top of it.  

A lot of people choose not to go because they want to work on their own businesses, arts, projects and other ideas. Some believe that going to college puts you in a hole. Using at least four years of your life to study something that you wouldn’t enjoy doing anymore at all.  

According to the Economics Book at our high school, it states “College builds human capital.” In this situation capital means assets an individual or an organization owns. When an individual with a college education is hired ,the company is buying their time so the owner does not have to do that job.  

College shows that you have committed yourself for four years and did good enough to pass standards ,so when you got to work you will be able to commit to doing your work and do a decent job. Job interviewers look for this.  

Not going to college opens your schedule and it is highly suggested that during that time you learn to make money passively. Passive income is earning money without using your time. Passive income allows you to have more time for your hobbies or business should you choose to start one. 

Some may argue the type of job you get without college is not desirable. That is false. Today, most jobs needed do not require college education. High school education is required as well as experience or skills. In the tech industry, the need for computer engineers, programmers, analysts and many more positions is in high demand. These jobs require a high school diploma and a skill. Programming can be learned from home on your couch, some learn engineering skills in high school and through the internet.  

College is a huge help because it allows you to have more opportunities, but at the same time the opportunities for bigger ideas are reduced heavily due to feasibility. Some pursue college as a passion such as art, music, cinema, etc. And some pursue it because they were told it is the only option. There are so many other options, you just must look for them.