Elliot Smith Album Review “Figure 8”

Elliot Smith Album Review Figure 8

Aurora Andrews, Staff Reporter

Some of you may know an artist by the name of Elliot Smith. He was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska and spent most of his life in Portland, Oregon building his career. Although his life was cut short in 2003 only living to the age of thirty-four he released multiple successful albums. One of the albums being “Figure 8”.

“Figure 8” may be one of my favorite albums ever. Starting with the first song of the album “Son of Sam”, which is also my favorite song of the album. “Son of Sam” includes incredible vocals by Elliot Smith as well as impeccable guitar skills. The overall melody and beat of the song were unlike anything I have ever heard. From the beginning it enticed me. I rate this song 5/5 paws and would recommend it to anyone who would listen.

Albeit every song is very good however a few that stood out to me were “Junk Bond Trader”; “Everything means nothing to me”; “The Lost and Found (Honky Bach)/The Roost”; “Stupidity Tries”; “Better Be Quiet Now” and lastly “Can’t Make A Sound.” Each of these songs I rated a 4/5 or higher. What I have noticed from Elliot Smith’s album “Figure 8” is that despite being in the same album each of the songs is unique to its own. Each song brings about a different emotion.

For example, “Junk Bond Trader’s” energy felt more energetic than “Everything means nothing to me.” But this is not a bad thing. For me “Junk Bond Trader was perfect if I wanted to get work done but “Everything means nothing to me” and “Better Be Quiet Now” is perfect if you’re feeling melancholic.

Overall, this album is amazing and if you have the time, give it a listen.