The Water Boy


Jose Lemus, Staff Reporter

Ever wondered who that one guy was, the one on the sideline of every football and basketball game. Well he is West Highs Water boy! Cameron Huebner has been the water boy since the beginning of the school year at the start of football. I wanted to dive deeper when I found out our school has a water boy, after all it has been a part of pop culture since Adams Sandler’s 1998 Film The Waterboy. I first met Cameron on the field when I covered the game for journalism, and that’s when the question started to circulate. In an interview with him I asked Cameron “How did he come to be the water boy?” to which he stated “I started being the water boy around the start of the football season. I was unable to play sports but I wanted to be involved in football somehow. So I talked to the coach and got involved in doing water.”

It is arguable that being the waterboy can be seen as a low efforted job when it comes to being on the team but according to Cameron the role takes a lot of effort. “It feels really good to know that I’m down there on the sidelines making sure our team has what they need” cam responded, and to get the perspective of an actual player I spoke to Junior Varsity player Logan Scheidtman I asked him how has the water boy helped you during your games? To which he responded “Being hydrated is very important in general, especially when game days fall on humid days. Having Cameron there for us when we need to hydrate is extremely useful and its like a recharge getting water”

There surely has to be benefits when it comes to being the water boy, and I was right. Cameron said “And as far as benefits go besides the community service hours and best seats in the games, I also get to travel to away games with the team and leave class early when necessary.” This begs the question who can carry the legacy next.