SEA Creates Outstanding Program


Jessica Navarro, Staff Reporter

SEA—which stands for “Space and Engineering Academy”— is a program that prepares students for college studies and careers in science, engineering and technology. As you may figure out from the name, SEA has everything about space and engineering. The program represents our school in the best way possible due to its overwhelming number of achievements and community work. To accomplish SEA goals, the program requires a lot of dedication and hard work. When asked what SEA does, Junior Jacob Mejia and Junior Sashank Kala (who is the SEA president) go in depth to explain the idea of SEA and what they do.

“In SEA, there’s a planned-out curriculum that helps you become an engineer,” Mejia explains. “The curriculum is planned out for all four years of high school.” Kala chimes in by adding, “SEA allows you to be involved with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). It helps you learn what you’re interested in and allows you to figure out your career and major.” There have also been many SEA graduates who have gone to great colleges, some of which who have even entered the medical field.

SEA has many team projects and events that they must do, and many of these include teamwork. Without teamwork, SEA projects would be very hard to complete. Although it’s a lot of work, SEA has a lot of fun doing them. When asked if it is needed to communicate with others in SEA, Kala lists examples of team-building activities that require teamwork. “Every month we have a social event and there we have some team competitions,” he states. “We also have building

competitions. In our normal daily classes, we have projects that let us get together with friends, which is a lot of fun.”

You may also be wondering, ‘Why should I join SEA?’ Well, Kala says one of the best parts of SEA is the wonderful opportunity to make friends. “SEA lets you create bonds with friends,” he says. “They’re friendships that will go on for all of high school and beyond high school.” In addition, Kala also talks about the benefits of joining SEA, “SEA also creates a path that you can follow for college and high school. It’s something that’s important for a high schooler.”

When asked “How do you want SEA to be remembered?” Junior Esha Shiyas states, “We want people to think about the friends and teachers they’ve met throughout SEA.”