Pressure to be in Relationships


Corion Ross

Two students hold each other against a wall in the hallway, on display for students and staff.

Corion Ross, Staff Reporter

Relationships are a way that two people can be connected to each other, or the way they behave towards each other, mainly depending on the type of relationship. The feeling of having a boyfriend or girlfriend can be nice, but it depends on how healthy the relationship is. Are both people in the relationship happy and content? Do your family members approve of your relationship? Being in a romantic relationship has many responsibilities, like trusting your partner is one of the most important things in a relationship.  

Many people who are in relationships are because they like the feeling of being loved by someone else. Love is a set of emotions and behaviors characterized by intimacy, passion and commitment. Being in a relationship gives you the opportunity to learn more about yourself and your partner. It helps you understand people better and understand that now you must make choices that will help you and your partner. Every couple has argued over something no matter how perfect the relationship is according to the Couples argue once a week or more (30%), once a month or multiple times a month (28%), and once or multiple times per year (32%). Only 3% say they never argue.  

It is normal for all couples to experience stress due to problems at work or from friends/family that may not approve of your romantic partner. Stress is normal in relationships because sometimes the pressure can get to you, but it is not healthy. But   you love your partner, you should not worry about what others say.  

Being in a relationship can also be time consuming because you have to make time to talk to your partner and connect with them. I assume most people that are in relationships can either be in school or work. You need to balance it out because life cannot be all work if you are in a relationship. You should also maintain a strong romantic connection with your partner. But communication is also one of the most important things in a relationship. Communicating with a partner daily is important because it allows you to explain to someone else what you are experiencing and what your needs are. But many people fail to communicate due to a fear of rejection or the fear that they will end up upsetting or even losing their partner. So, because of this sometimes relationships can be complicated. 

Having good mental health is also another important thing in a relationship to prevent it from being stressful. Because people may tend to get jealous due to their insecurities and low self-esteem. This is not a good trait in a relationship because it can be unhealthy. If you are insecure in your relationship, you should communicate with your partner about it. To prevent any serious consequences in the future and to work with partner about your insecurities. 

I interviewed a senior here at west who is in a relationship to ask about my story. I asked the student “Do you ever feel any pressure in your relationship?” The student replied, “sometimes because they get into disagreements from time to time.” 

 Relationships can be stressful and the pressure can get to you if you are involved in many activities like school or if you work a lot. If the pressure of your relationship ever does get to you, you should communicate with your partner always no matter what to let them know what is going on instead of reacting. In a way this might strengthen your relationship. Communicate with your partner about your problems and if your partner is okay with it do not be afraid to spend some time apart to reflect.