Cookbook Review: Fallout, The Vault Dweller’s Official Cookbook


Aiden McCullar, Staff Reporter

Throughout my time in journalism, I’ve been known as the recipe guy. Every edition, publishing a recipe for students and staff alike to enjoy. One thing that sits rent free within my mind as said recipe guy is the fact, no number of recipes published from ideas that fly in and out of your head can compete with a cookbook made by a whole team of chefs, all wishing to give you the skills to place their beautiful dishes to your table.

Tens, if not hundreds of thousands of cookbooks exist since the fifteenth century, many of which trying to emulate from a place within either real, or a fictional world. Looking though the mass amounts of cookbooks eligible for review, I settled on Fallout: The Vault Dweller’s Official Cookbook A book based on the post-apocalyptic world of fallout, combining food and lore from the world into utterly delicious meals.


The Criteria

When reviewing cookbooks, I’ve found it’s best to review a number of recipes from the book. Primarily A side dish, A main dish, A drink, a topping and a dessert, Inviting over friends to taste test. Then, gather information! Ask your taste testers to rate the cookbook out of 10, get them to single out their favorite dish of the bunch, ending it off with the question of how much you’d pay for this dish if it were at a restaurant.


The meal in question

To start us off, we have the main dish, Dusty’s Brahmin Burgers, a bison burger in a brioche bun topped with the sweet and savory Nuka-Cola BBQ sauce. The drink in question Nuka-Cola itself, a syrup poured into flavorless seltzer water. The desert Nuka-Cola floats, ice cream drenched in Nuka-Cola (These authors had a field day with this drink). The side being Blamco Mac & Cheese, a pasta dish using elbows with a carrot cheese blend.


Thoughts about preparing.

While going through the recipes, It was made readily apparent through family members who have dedicated way more of their lives to cooking than the likes of I, There were several steps left out of each recipe. An example of which being the recipe not including the need to peel carrots before cutting them.

In such I’d say this recipe book is for those that have at least a small amount of knowledge in the cooking field


The reviews

Through interviewing those fed, these were the results found!

Out of all the parts of the meal prepared, the favorite was decidedly the barbeque sauce, it wasn’t as sweet as usual barbeque sauce, however “You can taste the smokiness, as well as the hint of the cola flavor.”

When thinking about what soda the Nuka cola was closest to the results were divided with half the group relating its flavor to that of root beer, while half the group claimed it tasted like a sourer coke. The group did come to an agreement, claiming the soda was “Odd, at first but good nonetheless!”

When asked what they’d pay for this meal from a restaurant, there were many proposed values, when averaging the values, the price should sit comfortably at 12.66

Finally, when asked out of 10 stars, what would you rate the meal, It sat comfortably at a reasonable 8.5 stars


Concluding thoughts.

Personally, I enjoy this cookbook! The recipes are a bit challenging for newcomers, but with basic knowledge the provided recipes could be a great way to spice up your cooking! With a little time working on the recipes, putting your own spin on the book, you can make them your own, which I feel is the best part of this cookbook, the adaptability to make these recipes your own…