Why Does It Suck to be a Teenager Living in Tracy?


Ellie Chiles, Editor in Chief

Many of us look down on the city of Tracy. You may have to find places in other cities to have a fun time with your friends and family. When you visit TripAdvisor.com, you can find twenty-one places (with 3-star ratings or higher), only nine of them being places accessible to minors.

Knowing I was not the only person who noticed the lack of activities in the city, I asked a few students what places they like to visit in Tracy.

“Cafe Dazzling,” responds senior Maya Gill.

“The mall is all there is,” freshman Bianca Velasquez states. “Or I stay at West.”

Sophomore Trintiy Fulton says, “Ono Hawaiian.”

Sophomore Wes Martinez said that he likes to hang out downtown, along with multiple other students.

Although there are places to eat and shop in town, there isn’t much to do for fun. Dining out with friends or going on a mini-shopping spree is not very enjoyable if you are visiting the same establishments every week. Some students gave input on what activities they would like to see in our area.

“We need variety,” sophomore Kira Yong Do said, “like go-karting or racing.”

Senior Sharon Shergill gave a valid critique of the town’s structure: “Add places in other areas of Tracy rather than downtown or the mall.”

“Aquatics Center,” sophomore Trinity Fulton inputs, referring to the promised waterpark in the Ellis development.

Junior Analaya Cadigal suggests, “Pottery or painting spots where you can, for example, buy a mug and then paint and decorate it. I think that would be a fun and relaxing activity.” She also says, “The mall would be more enjoyable if they expanded the arcade or added new machines.”

“A Barnes & Noble would be awesome.” Senior D’Angelo Hernandez says.

Overall, there can be much more done to create a more fun-filled town that people of all ages can enjoy.