The Best of SOS by SZA


Briana Ferreira, Staff Reporter

Five years after releasing the widely popular and loved album Crtl, Sza finally gave fans a fresh new album with twenty-three tracks, called SOS. Many of the songs have already topped music charts. You likely recognize names like “Kill Bill”, “I Hate You”, “Snooze”, “Shirt”, “Blind”, “Good Days” and more.

Arguably “Kill Bill” is the most popular song on the album for good reasons. It is a very catchy song about hating your ex but not wanting them to be happy with anyone else. Sza perfectly encapsulates the hopelessness of hating the person you are still in love with.

“Too Late”, “Blind”, “Snooze”, and “Gone Girl” are great songs to play while doing work, in the car, ornot doing anything. They are catchy and perfect to sing along to with friends.

Many fans were excited to see that Pheobe Bridgers was featured on the album and wondered how their very different voices would mix on the song “Ghost in the Machine”. Sza was able to soften her vocals to match Pheobe’s unique voice. This made the song special and did not compromise the tone that fans love from Pheobe.

The most unique song on the album has to be “F2F”. Its heavy drum backing is very reminiscent of 2010s alternative music. It was refreshing to hear Sza try something new.

“Love Language” and “Special both” reminded me of songs Sza had already released. “Love Language” even had a sample from “Hit Different”, while “Special “sounded a lot like “Normal Girl”.

On first listen, many people recognized “I Hate You”, “Shirt” and “Good Days” because they are popular repeats from prior releases. The album was already long without these additions. Sza had also already paid homage to other songs she has released, so the album could have done without them.

Unlike Crtl, SOS does not have a clear storyline. While the album has many breakup songs, it is not exactly a breakup album. This mixed with the multiple repeat or filler songs made the album feel slightly underwhelming. Regardless, it is still a beautiful piece of art.

Many are already saying that it deserves the album of the year. If you want artful songs about love, broken hearts and hurt, or just want to enjoy melodic vocals and catchy beats, this album is for you.