Building a Brand


Sarah Villanueva, Features Editor

On our campus, creativity is prevalent. Through art, music, writing, etc., students are encouraged to find ways to express themselves. A unique form of creativity is storming the halls: student-run brands and businesses. Whether it be through clothing, photography or other forms of business students are becoming interested in being their own boss and making money through their creativity.

One brand caught the attention of many through their eccentric designs, campaigns and advertising. Founder and CEO of Herrod Global ™, Senior Benicio Rivas, has built his brand on the idea of being different. When asked “What was the inspiration behind your brand?” Rivas passionately responded “On social media, all the upcoming brands that I see always put out the same stuff. I wanted a brand that was different.”

Senior Alexis Mendoza-Perez, founder and CEO of the upcoming brand Daytona™ also adds “The inspiration behind my brand was the money, but also I’m trying to make my products affordable to everybody.” Daytona’s aesthetic and unique logo has caught consumer’s eyes, and they are eager for the brand to release their first official drop.

Through being your own boss comes challenges. When inquired “What has been the hardest part about building your brand?” Rivas adds “Some hard parts have been doubtful peers, but you just gotta focus on the turnout. Another hard part was dealing with middlemen and manufacturers.” Perez joins in and says “The hardest part about building up my brand is gaining the knowledge of how to start a brand. I came from the bottom and didn’t really know anything about how to start. Another issue has been with manufacturers.”

By going through challenges, you gain experience and build up perseverance. After being asked “Where do you see your brand in the next year/future?” Perez says “I see my brand being big. Collabing with other brands, influencers as well. That would be a dream come true.” Rivas adds, “I see my brand big. I want to positively impact people and inspire them. I want them to be motivated to do their own thing.”

These two brands have, or will likely, inspire others to build their own brand as well. Seeing the positive impact that being your own boss has will motivate people to do the same, or step outside the box and turn their dreams into reality, just as Rivas and Perez have. When asked “What advice do you have for others trying to start their own brand?” Rivas replied “My advice is to go for it. If you really believe in what you have, keep pushing it, It’ll eventually work out for you.” Perez also adds. “If you’re going to try and start your own brand, just go for it, really. If you have the mindset of being a business owner, just go for it. Everyone is just starting out, don’t be afraid to go for it.”