Frank Ocean’s Controversial Coachella Performance

Maya Gill, Copy Editor

Frank Ocean is a talented musician, singer, and songwriter who first gained popularity in 2011 with the release of his mixtape, Nostalgia, Ultra. Over the years, he has received critically acclaimed reviews on his albums Channel Orange and Blonde, especially amongst the teenage subcultures.

After the death of his brother Ryan Breaux, who died from blunt-force head trauma in a vehicle accident, Frank Ocean hasn’t stepped on any stage to perform in over six years due to his grief process. With his headliner status, millions of fans have eagerly anticipated his long-awaited performance, traveling long distances, spending hundreds, and even camping to gain front row spots to his concert.

Unfortunately, many have mixed reviews about their overall satisfaction, calling it a “disappointing mess”, “extremely disappointing” and “a rollercoaster of emotions”. Ocean showed up one hour late and had to cut the show early due to Coachella’s strict curfew rule. After having twenty-four songs in his set, six of them were remixes performed by the DJ, Ocean not even on stage most of the time, and even holding no microphone where viewers stated “he’s at his own listening party.”

The only entertaining segment to most was the security guard dancing provocatively for consecutive ten minutes. However, many feel much empathy for Frank Ocean claiming he was “not ready to perform and still needed time to grieve.”, stated by Senior Tania Torres. Due to signing a contract, Ocean was obligated to perform when originally scheduled to perform in 2020 at Coachella.

“We should not give him too much hate, however it is understandable why fans across the board are upset.”, Senior Carlos Aguillo.

Due to a claimed ankle fracture, Ocean has pulled out of his second weekend who will be replaced by Blink-182.