How do Juniors feel about Seniors Leaving?


Jessica Navarro, Staff Reporter

If you’re active on social media, you may have seen posts regarding how the class of 2023 is graduating soon. Many seniors came onto social media to share their favorite high school memories, their “highs and lows” of high school, and how they feel about graduating. However, seniors aren’t the only ones who are feeling sad about graduation. There has been a handful of juniors posting about how their “favorite seniors are leaving them” while a sad video or picture is attached. As a junior with a lot of senior friends, I completely understand this feeling all too well. Some seniors I have known for years, while some I have only met this year. Nonetheless, I can’t help but feel sorrowful when I see them trying on their caps and gowns or discussing the topic of college.

It’s also nerve-wracking, considering how juniors are supposed to fill their roles as seniors in less than a year. Wondering if I was the only one with these thoughts, I asked my junior friends about how they feel about the seniors graduating. “I can only describe it as bittersweet,” Junior Karla Aceves Caro says. “It’s like having an older brother or sister, and you’re just watching them move on to bigger and better things. You want to wish them the best, but at the same time you just want to be with them and make them stay.”

Many other juniors I spoke to feel the same way. Adrianna Hutchens, a junior who is dating a senior, shared her thoughts on the topic. “I’m just really sad to know that my girlfriend is leaving for college in just a few months,” Hutchens responds. “I know she’ll love it at the university she’s attending, but I wish I could ask her to stay or ask her if I can go with her.”

Seeing seniors leave isn’t the only issue juniors are dealing with. It’s also the pressure of having to cope with the fact that juniors will be taking on the duty of being seniors next year. When asked how Camren Mik feels about fulfilling the seniors’ spots next year, he expresses thoughts about next year. “It’s shocking,” Mik says. “We’re next to graduate. After that, everybody will be on their own paths in life.”

Although it’s sad to see our beloved seniors leave us, we all wish them the best. As for juniors taking on the seniors’ role next year, I know that we’ll be perfectly fine.