Preparing for Prom: A Simple Guide to Prom Etiquette


Jessica Navarro, Staff Reporter

Many of you may know that our highly anticipated prom is coming up soon! It’s the school event that allows us to be able to excitedly prepare to have your dream night. When preparing for prom, you need to buy your tickets, shop for your dress/tux and make the best prom-posal for your special somebody. It’s also an event that grants us the opportunity to go with that person that’s most important to us. With such an important event like this coming up, it’s important to learn about prom etiquette for those who would like to attend with that special person. Prom etiquette is an extremely important idea to follow if you want your prom night to go smoothly.

First, if you wish to invite someone to prom, try and ask them in person (no matter how scary it is). It’s crucial for the person you’re asking to recognize your sincerity in your invitation to prom. If you’re certain you know that the person you’re attempting to invite likes you, then try and make a prom-posal poster, too! Usually, prom-posals are done very flashy. Though, if you think the person will be uncomfortable or embarrassed with the flashy prom-posal, it’s best to just ask them in private. If you’re being asked to prom but would not like to attend the event with them, make sure to be kind when declining their invitation. You never want to make a person feel humiliated when they worked up the courage to ask you.

If your prom-posal ends up being successful, you may want to work on meeting (if you haven’t already) and respecting their family. Although it’s a very scary thought, being respectful towards your date’s family also shows you’re willing to be respectful towards your date too. It’s important to introduce yourself if your date’s family doesn’t know who you are. After all, their child will be spending hours with you, so it’s best to let them know the kind of person you are beforehand. It’s also important to remember to use your manners around your date’s family. Always use your “pleases” and “thank you’s”!

Next, if you really want to charm your date, buy them a corsage! The simplest things go a long way. For example, buying a corsage for your date shows meaningfulness and could make your date feel important for the rest of the night. When buying them a corsage, it’s essential to think about the color of their dress/tux. You want to make sure the corsage you’re buying will coordinate with the colors they’re wearing.

These three actions may help you if you’re hoping for a fairy-tale prom night. Though, you’re free to spend your prom night however you’d like! Just having fun with your friends and/or date is guaranteed to leave you happy. If you plan on going to prom but haven’t bought your tickets, make sure to do that! Our prom is being held at the San Francisco Exploratorium on March 25th!