The Future of Wrestling

Briana Ferreira, Staff Reporter

West High has many amazing, talented athletes. They all work hard consistently to make sure they perform their best. This year, many people from our wrestling team worked hard enough to make it to state. One wrestler you may know, Robert Lopez, was able to make it to the top 12. Hes been wrestling for many years and thanked hard practices, early runs, and amazing coaching for getting him prepared and in the mindset to perform his best and win.

Robert has had a very promising wrestling career that many may look up to. When asked what he would say to other wrestlers looking to improve, Lopez said “it’s [about] going out there and trying your best, y’know, not thinking too much about the outcome. But just wrestling smart and trying your hardest to win that match, because if you lose it and you pushed and gave it your all, to me I don’t really feel like those are losses. Rather learning experiences.”

Consistently having to perform at your best can play a big toll on athletes. They may feel overwhelmed and pressured constantly. Lopez said that his mindset when dealing with pressures to perform is to “just go out there and believe that I can beat everybody, I just have to push.” Pushing himself and always looking for ways to improve has gotten Mr. Lopez far in his wrestling career.

I had asked Robert if he had any plans to pursue wrestling in the future or make a career out of it. Lopez passionately explained that he plans to pursue the MMA side of wrestling and go to college to continue. He went on to say how his sport has positively benefitted his life by keeping him in shape and helping him overcome adversity. Robert said that “The biggest skill I learned, y’know other than actually wrestling, is to avoid excuses and take accountability.” Sports can help shape you into the person you become, and Lopez was able to learn from wrestling and allow it to improve himself inside and outside the mat.

Robert Lopez appears to have a promising future in wrestling ahead of him. He has the drive and passion for what he does. That kind of enthusiasm can be seen in his mindset and outstanding performance.