Robotics Accomplishments: There’s More to Robots than Just Wall-e


West High Robotics shows off their winning robot at the end of a competition.

Aida Millar, Video Editor

The West High Robotics club is one of the more successful clubs here on campus. Robotics is based in engineering, and the club teaches students how to build and use robots. The club competes where their robots play games. This season, they won three trophies including the VEX tournament championships, and the design AWARS. Last month, the Region 2 championships were held at West. Many students participated as 50+ schools attended this weekend long competition. When asked what the best experiences they have had this season, sophomore Julian KhaliliehRomman says, “I think the best experience was to try and come up with creative designs for the robot more effectively and counter other robots while fixing current problems in the robot and to play the game more effectively.”

Sophomore Ibrahim Shah says, “I joined robotics since I have always been fascinated with robots and building stuff.” Robotics provides a unique skill set that allows students to learn to code, and work hands on with different materials.

Junior Jacob Mejia says, “It’s a different game every season, designing robots earlier on, preferably during summer when the new game gets announced prepares us.” Teams 9378 Alpha, 9378 MU, and 9378 Chi made it to the state meet.

When asked what the members were proud of and excited for, Sophomore Wenlun Liao said, “I am proud that my team was able to build a semi-competitive robot. Next year, I am hoping that more people become interested in robotics, and hopefully with a bit more dedication, we can make it to state like the seniors to this year.”

So, if you are looking for an extracurricular next year, the robotics club is an excellent option to consider if you are interested in engineering or coding.