The pressure of being a student athlete


Aida Millar, Video Editor

Being a student athlete comes with many pros and cons. On the one hand, it’s fun to have something you’re good at, something physical that can be proved every day on a court, field, pool, or track. Many people say exercise and sports are a great stress reliever, but sometimes it can be the opposite.

The struggle of student athletes can be expressed through the pressure to be perfect to make up for the time lost in the classroom. Or, feeling like you’re at a disadvantage in class because others may have more time than you to get homework and studying done.

Athletic burnout is a topic being discussed, which is the idea that a kid can crack under the stress and pressure of overtraining without much recovery and will lose interest in a sport they previously loved. This in many ways is related to the stress and potential burnout that student athletes face attempting to juggle both academics and athletics.

Three sport athlete, junior Delmy Alvarez says, “I feel like being a student athlete is especially hard, considering we balance all the schoolwork of a normal student, with practices after school for 2-3 hours, lessons or training on weekends, and recovery time. On top of that, it’s a lot of pressure to both do good in sports and academics equally.”

Track athlete, junior Jazzy Ayo says, “Being a student athlete can be very fun and rewarding but there are also days where it can be physically and mentally challenging. The pressure of having to perform well, not only on the field or court, but also in the classroom, is stressful at times. Being a student athlete forces you to have major discipline and good time management. Some weeks you may have a test and a game on the same day, and it can be very overwhelming, but you still have an expectation to do well.”

Anxiety, stress, and the struggle of perfectionism is something that affects many student athletes. If you are dealing with these issues, talk to a coach, counselor, or parent who can help relieve some of the anxiety.