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Jada Portillo
Junior Jada J. Portillo coming in hot on her first year of Journalism. Born in Hayward, Portillo has been living in Tracy for a year, successfully managing to survive the heat. Portillo produces music and plays guitar 24/7. She eats, sleeps and breathes music; there's not a second that goes by that Portillo doesn't have a musical thought. She may have gotten an award for future artist but her art isn't the best. Portillo's favorite author is Derek Landy and absolutely loves the book series Skulduggery Pleasant, she currently owns 9/13 books and made it her mission to buy the rest of the books. She loves her two tabby cats, Mona (also known as Mona Lisa), Lucky (also known as Covid) and her fish Worm (also known as Wormy). Portillo enjoys her 11 hours of sleep and blasting music in her ears until she gets a headache. Whenever she sees something plain like a notebook or paper, she busts out her sharpies and gets to doodling. Portillo plans to make music in the near future and to hopefully produce for other artists.

Jada Portillo, Opinion Editor

Oct 23, 2020
Anti-maskers Strike Back (Story)
Student Newspaper of Merrill F. West High School
Jada Portillo