Driven to help the community


Veron Hollins, Staff Reporter

AVID Toy Drive is an event that is held every year in English teacher, Ms. Shauna Rodgers’ class and is run by the AVID club. Students are asked to donate toys to AVID so that they may give them to children who do not have any. By donating toys, the students of West High will be showing the community that they really care. The members of this club also believe the event is a good way to help their AVID students bond together. Many students love this program because it allows them to meet different people and make new friends.

Rodgers, the program’s advisor, is in charge of scheduling members of AVID and telling them when to be there. She began advising AVID club around 2007 and has been running it ever since. She loves the program for the opportunities it gives students to be a part of the community. “It’s a great way to help you prepare for college,” Rodgers says. We hope that more students will participate in the years to come.