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Veron Hollins

Veron Hollins, Staff Reporter

Junior Veron Hollins returns to Journalism after mysteriously disappearing for an entire year. Veron was born in Oakland California, and at age 10, he moved to Tracy where he started middle school.  Fast  forward to now, and his favorite subject is Animation, because he loves the idea of taking his ideas, and bringing them to live on the big screen. He favorite teacher is Ms. Escalante, because she is always energetic, and always finds a way to maintain her happiness. His favorite movie is currently an anime movie titles Uchiage Hanabi, and his favorite song is the song written based off of that movie, which is a Japanese song written by artist Daoko. On his free time, Veron likes to read, play videogames, eat, sleep, and watch YouTube. His favorite place to shop is at the 99c store, because it is very cheap and has items for sale that would otherwise be expensive anywhere else. His favorite food is orange chicken, and his favorite cereal is Honey Bunches of Oats. His best friend is West High graduate by the name of Leo Valencia. In the summer, Veron visited his mother in Salinas and there he played video games with his sister, who happened to live there with her. Aside from Salinas, Veron also visited beaches in Monterey with his family, which consisted of his older brother, his previously mentioned older sister, him, and his mother.  And if Veron had to choose a favorite Superhero out of every one ever created, he would probably choose Batman.

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Veron Hollins