Exploring Disney with Bynum

Veron Hollins, Staff Reporter

Ms. Marna Bynum, a Space and Engineering English teacher in H12, went on a trip to Disneyland her senior year in May 1982. Seniors sold chocolate bars as a fundraiser for the school to raise money to enter the wondrous theme park. Boys had to wear nice pants and a tie, while girls had to wear a dress or skirt. When first arriving at Disneyland, all students went to eat in an area of the park. “I don’t remember what I ate,” Bynum states, “But I remember there being a buffet.” There, they could satisfy their stomachs by helping themselves to a variety of foods. After suppressing their long endured hunger, they could then get on any ride the park had to offer.

Bynum says that she went on tons of rides with her friends and even got to watch a band perform. During her time there, she also got to take a picture with a chipmunk from the Chip ‘n’ Dale series. Bynum had a lot of fun and stayed there with the seniors until the clock struck 6 a.m. After the trip was over, she got to bring back a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt as a souvenir. As a teacher, Bynum even got to chaperone a few senior trips to Disneyland afterward. She states that she would definitely go again if she could, as her senior trip was a trip to remember.