Uncovering Clue


The audience watch actors Jermaine Dela Cruz and Tynen Jensen as they discuss who could be the potential murderer.

Sarah Marin, Staff Reporter

As the lights begin to dim, the crowd becomes silent and watches eagerly as the actors start to perform. Suddenly, the doorbell rings and in comes the not-so bright, but comical Colonel Mustard, who is wonderfully brought to life by Senior Mykayla Martin. Next comes the beautiful and elegant Mrs. White, marvelously played by Junior Giovanna Mexicano. When Mrs. White and Yvette the Maid, played by Junior Annabella Gomez, see each other they exchange some nasty looks. Likewise, when the pious Mrs. Peacock, played by Senior Katie Centeno, enters the house and sees the Cook, played by Sophomore Kylie Payan, the tension in the house begins to grow.

This causes the audience and the mysterious Butler Wadsworth, played by Junior Tynen Jensen, to wonder about the relations between the characters. Junior Jermaine Dela Cruz, who plays the awkward Mr. Green, makes a great entrance along with a grand sneeze as he comes into the house. Finally, the appearance of the beautiful red headed Miss Scarlett and psychiatrist Mr. Plum, played by Juniors Brinley Ras and Carter Holcomb respectively, allowed the “game to begin.”

While the guests, host and butler begin to talk in the study, we find out that Mr. Boddy, played by sophomore Raevan Zaragoza, has been blackmailing them with evidence he has against them, forcing them to pay him money to stay quiet. The guests are surprised when Mr. Boddy asks them to either pay three times the amount or kill Wadsworth, who turned out to be blackmailing Boddy.

The story continues to comically unfold with the killing of Mr. Boddy, the Cook, the Motorist (played by Junior Ocean Cheng Lopez), the Maid, a cop (played by Sophomore Joshua Rhodes) and a singing telegram girl (played by Sophomore Rita Reyes). The audience laughed and had a good time as the characters rush to find the evidence Mr. Boddy has hidden against them. One of my personal favorite lines was when Colonel Mustard said, “Three murders in three minutes; that’s our best record yet!” The hard work of the actors, Ms. Welk, the technical assistants and pianist Senior Cole Muniz made “Clue” come to life wonderfully.

Overall, the play deserves a five out of five paws from me.