Congratulating our ‘Pack on their Signings

Senior Brandon Lindner poses during his signing party for the USAFA track program. Photo courtesy of Lindner.

Brandon Lindner

This year, Senior Brandon Lindner signed to United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) for Track and Field. Lindner chose this school because he would get “four years of college…whilst also being trained to be an officer in the US Air Force.” He fell in love with their programs and realized that college practices aren’t too different from his high school practices. He advises athletes “[to push] no matter how hard [your] coach is pushing you” and that if you aren’t having fun, don’t sign with a college team. Lindner looks forward to upcoming challenges since he will be “a better person and leader on the other end.”

Senior Caitlin O’Neill is excited to join Fresno State’s competitive swim team. Photo courtesy of O’Neill.

Caitlin O’Neill

This year, Senior Caitlin O’Neill signed to Fresno State University for swim. O’Neill chose this school because of “the family atmosphere from the team” and because she would be “athletically challenged.” She loves the school’s pride and the support she got from her future teammates. The biggest obstacle she faced throughout her career was continuing to swim even when she wasn’t improving. O’Neill’s advice to other swimmers is to “just work hard and love your sport.” She looks forward to all the trips with her team and resources offered at Fresno State.