Spring Sports Overview

Anysa Mendoza, Staff Reporter

Baseball: Baseball is back with another competitive season. Ready for the intense sport, Junior Ryan Villena is showing his skills playing for varsity this year. When asked about the sport, Villena stated, “I would describe my sport as a very competitive and mindful game. You need the skill to overcome any situation whether it’s good or bad.” The hard work and the excitement of the game brings the team together ready to dominate. Motivated by his peers, Villena is ready for the upcoming journey and the reward at the end of the road.

Softball: Softball is welcoming new and returning players for this years upcoming season. Hoping to get on base as much as possible, Senior Samantha Anastasio feels excited for spring to start and ready to play every game in her favorite position: defense. “My favorite part is playing defense because we have to work as a team to get out of the inning,” Anastasio expressed. Players are ready to come together and dominate the season.

Boys Tennis: With many new players competing for a spot on the tennis team, the rankings got intense according to Junior Simon Gonzales. Gonzales is ready for his competitive nature and love for tennis to shine throughout the season. “I’m looking forward to seeing me and my teammates improve and grow this season. My personal goal is to get a chance to play at TCAL (Tri County Athletic League)  this year since I nearly missed my chance last year.” Ready to stay active and in shape, Gonzales is excited to pursue his tennis playing.

Track & Field: Getting prepared for the new season, Track members are training hard and staying dedicated to their team. SeniorJenelle Mendoza describes track as her while having a lot of good memories with her teammates. “My team motivates me to never give up and I’m hoping to improve on my 1 mile and 2 mile times this year,” Mendoza expressed. The high energy from the relays keeps the members of track alive and determined.

Swim: Although swim is an individual sport, the team comes together to support and cheer each other on for the upcoming season. When Junior Courtney Cunningham was asked about her sport she stated, “Swim has benefited me in many ways. It helps strengthen my body, and it gives me a family that always supports me when I push myself to new goals.” Cunningham is ready to keep swimming to improve her strokes and race time.