Three gripping games to play when you’re not studying

Natalie Mangskau, News Editor

1.) Last of Us 2

Courtesy of Deviant Art

The sequel for the ground breaking game is in the works for production. After taking a journey in search of the Fireflies, an underground organization looking for a cure to the zombie-like parasite infecting the world, Ellie, who is now nineteen and trying to gain a sense of normalcy, returns back to her former settlement, Jackson.

The company Naughty Dog has recently put teasers and hints for the new tale. However, there has not been a set date for the release or main plot revealed. Neil Druckmann, the creative creator of the Last of Us series claims that the second installment to this series will focus on hate rather than love.


2.) Detroit Become Human

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In Metropolis, Detroit 2038, androids have taken their place among humans in society. Created to serve mankind, everything changes when androids become conscious of their surroundings and the social injustices they face.

Interactive narrative allows the player to control the fate of the three main characters: Kara, a rogue android escaping for peace; Connor, a detective who works alongside the enemy of his people and Markus, the leader of the android revolution.  The choices the player makes ultimately determine the life, death and outcome for this new android/human society and the characters you’ll learn to love after every chapter. There is not a set ending, but multiple, based on the decisions the player makes throughout the game. Be wise, as one decision could alter the outcome entirely.

3.) God of War

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Explore the mythical tale taking place in a world based upon Norse and Greek mythology. In this action-adventure game, play as Kratos, an anti-hero, seeks revenge for all misdeeds the Greek Gods did to him. After spending his life engulfed in war and misery, he comes to terms with his inner demons and now attempts to raise his son, Atreus. Kratos takes his last mission, bringing his late beloved wife’s ashes to the highest peak in all the realms.

The new installment to the God of War franchise is a reboot to the previous game series, emphasizing more with the storyline, characters and gameplay. It received the highest praise out of the entire God of War franchise.