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Marlee Baker
AP student and violist Marlee Baker is a junior taking the world by storm.  She is determined to succeed while doing what she loves.


Baker is taking  AP US History and AP English 3.  She loves these academic classes and the passion of the teachers who teach them.


But she doesn’t just challenge her limits academically, she also works to becoming a better violist.  Marlee has played the viola for seven years and is currently part of the Central Valley Youth Symphony Orchestra.


“This is my fourth year being part of a professional group. I love it,” said Baker.


After being asked what her spirit animal was, she replied with, “A sloth, because they are super cute, they can accomplish a lot but it takes them a lot of time, and they sleep a lot which is what I want to do right now.”


In her free time, she enjoys blogging and watching her favorite TV show Parks and Recreation.


Baker plans to have an exciting life after high school.  She wants to go to university, and become a social worker or counselor, as she loves to help others.


“I like to make other people smile,” said Baker. This junior is looking forward to what life has to offer.


Marlee Baker, Editor-in-Chief

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Marlee Baker