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Jocelyn Preciado
Senior, softball player and soon to be lawyer, Jocelyn Del Toro Preciado joined Journalism for her passion for writing.


Jocelyn was born in Hayward, California to a loving and practical family, playing jokes and still remaining close with one another. She wishes to remain close to her family.Not only is she close to her family, her friends seem to think she’s a very nice and loving girl. We can’t forget her dog that she loves to take on walks and play with when she is upset or stressed. Even though she’s close with her friends and family, that does not mean she does not have goals for and on her own.


In ten years, Jocelyn hopes to be living in Los Angeles, California or New York and being a partner at a law firm. Now, being a lawyer must seem like hard work, but for Jocelyn, she seems to love to argue and she can probably do it for a living. Maybe, that’s why she loves history and being in Ms. Escalante’s class.


In history, there are so many different points of views to how history really happened, we will never truly know unless we were there. Speaking of which, nobody will know how Jocelyn works in Mrs. Escalante’s class, except for Ms. Escalante and Jocelyn themselves, but Ms. Escalante will never put her to sleep.


Jocelyn Preciado, Staff Reporter

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Jocelyn Preciado