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Madeleine Alt
Madeleine Alt is a senior at West High School. Her favorite subject is English because she is comfortable expressing herself and speaking in a welcoming environment. Alt’s favorite teacher is Ms. Duff because she is entertaining, hilarious and relatable. “She’s goals,” mentioned Alt.

Alt’s favorite music is mainly alternative but likes everything except country music. If she could have one superpower she would choose teleportation because she doesn’t like to travel but wants to be at her chosen destination.

Aside from being a journalist, she is an athlete. Alt played soccer for nine years, dance for two years, track for a three years going on four and started cross country for one year. Her brother Jacob Alt influenced her to join track with him for his senior year when she was a freshman, and she has been running ever since.

Alt is passionate about kindness toward others and not taking life for granted, YOLO – to put it simply. She idolizes Paul McCartney for not letting his talent go to waste and never ceasing to perform at an old age. Her life goal is to find happiness and have stability.

She joined Journalism to determine if it is a possible career path for her. Alt loves to write about things she believes in and enjoys creative writing. Her hope is to bring excitement to readers with the stories she writes.


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Madeleine Alt