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Marwa Mohammadi
Senior Marwa Mohammadi joined the journalism program her junior year in high school. She was born in India and moved to Tracy in the third grade. In her free time, she takes pleasure in reading and sleeping. Mohammadi considers Angelina Jolie to be her role model, because Jolie is a humanitarian and inspires her to help others around her. She enjoys English class the most because she is extremely fond of grammar and wishes to major in creative writing. Her favorite music artist is Adele because her songs are great. Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Escalante because she makes her students feel comfortable in the learning environment. Mohammadi hopes to contribute many things to journalism, including her “awesome writing skills” she said and also her opinions about West High. This year Mohammadi is most looking forward to joining new clubs and meeting new friends.

Marwa Mohammadi, Staff Reporter

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Marwa Mohammadi